I’m Q, yep, just Q. It’s a short version of the name from a previous blog, and it’s a name I’ve grown rather attached to over the past four years.

Sage Burning is the new home for my therapy blog, and I feel the name works in a number of ways. There’s still the burning theme–a method of self-harm I used off and on for years. But there’s a more hopeful tone to it, since sage burning, or smudging, is a way to clear a space of the residue of a painful past and make space for a happier future. That’s exactly what I’m trying to do in my life and what I’ll be processing in this new version of my blog.

Interested in the story behind the change from Quemada (March 2015 – March 2019) to Sage Burning? You can trace some of it backward by starting here.

I hope you’ll join the conversation of compassionate, thoughtful bloggers I’ve come to know here on WP. If you aren’t one for public comments but still feel moved to write, contact me at laquemadasola@gmail.com, and though it might take me a little while, I’ll be sure to reply.