A Walk With The Puppies

The girl still doesn’t want to talk, but she’s willing to leave her room for the first time in almost three weeks. It’s the dogs that lure her out. They are my real-life dogs but they’re so magical they can easily slide into my the world of my emotional house where the girl lives. She loves them, everyone does really. They are young and funny and affectionate, even well-behaved thanks to the consistent efforts of my husband.

The Wise Woman tells the girl that the puppies need some exercise. Will she come for a walk through the woods, across the meadow, and down to the river? Maisy loves to swim in the river if you throw sticks for her to fetch. Rosco only swims when it’s warmer out, but he loves the walk and the free, open space. Both dogs radiate with happiness to be in nature, no leash, able to explore at their pace. The girl nods and agrees to come too. She smiles sometimes, watching the dogs play. It’s a half-hearted smile, but at least it’s a smile. She gets tired at the three-mile walk, since she hasn’t had much exercise lately.

“It’s okay,” the Wise Woman tells her. “We’ll go at your pace.” So they head home for a nap.

For the last two days, the girl hasn’t done any more damage to her room.


  1. One of my favourite things to do – go for a walk with my Coco. You’re lucky you can let them off lead. The path I take, which is the closest to my home has a lot of grouchy people who need people like me to “follow the law”. Laws can be so annoying. The little girl needs fun. What’s her favourite thing to do?


    • We are lucky that there are quite a number of off-leash parks not that far away from us. The dogs are in heaven there.
      I’m not sure what the girl’s favorite thing to do is anymore. That’s part of what I need to rediscover in these months.

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      • When I think about your little girl I think about my 8-year-old and how he often feels lonely because he says no one wants to play with him. Of course my other son plays with him, the Lego stuff and their free play “war games”, but he gets offended when what he wants to play no one feels like playing at that particular moment. He needs to feel connected in that way, that someone is enthusiastic about the same things as he is, otherwise he feels lonely. So it just occurred to me that maybe la niña needs a friend her age. It’s 3am and I’m a babbling a bit, but maybe in order for the present you to be able to connect with yourself and with others la niña needs to be able to connect first. Sounds like she needs a playdate, and she can be as picky as she wants. I think it’s important that she’s not forced to play with people she doesn’t want to play with. She needs to be in control and allowed to have her own mind and make her own decisions without feeling guilty that she’s not being nice. Who cares if she’s not prim and proper. I think she’d be really happy if she has a safe space where she can say bad words and not be chastised. If she’s allowed to say that she feels like “shit” and she’s so “fucking angry” at all the people that contributed to her pain then that’s a pretty effective way of ‘draining the pus’ in the ‘recurring infection’ you have.
        I’m gonna copy and paste this in to your most recent comment because that’s what this is in response to. That’s why I wrote a post on “It’s Ok for Kids to Swear” because under these kinds of circumstances words are power and for a powerless child I’d much prefer my child to use a “bad word” to express himself than physically harm someone or himself. And the goal is just to “drain the pus”. Most adults have unhealthy and destructive ways to get the poison out because we’re taught that it’s not nice to say those things or think those things. We’re not allowed to just let our thoughts and feelings pass through like all storms do.
        This is a stream of consciousness brainstorming session for la ñina Q. I’m just thinking that if la niña Sabrosona were in a similar situation I’d have a swearing like a sailor session with her and give her lots of high 5’s and hugs and do mani’s and pedi’s and make home-made pie and cookies and let her make a mess and then help her clean it up; be with her every step of the way until she’s more independent and she really isn’t so ‘needy’. Attachment parenting, they say, is a way to provide physical, emotional and mental REASSURANCE to children so that they will be MORE independent. Trying to push them into doing things on their own too soon is likely to shut off the connection and create deep chasms where loneliness is a bottomless pit and can never seem to be filled.
        Maybe a mini project would be good, like building a doll house from scratch. Something, a gift, just for her. I’m getting drowsy now, so the brainstorming session is nearing the end, but I hope there is some sense in all these words xxx


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