I’ve moved to a new home.

It’s so, so strange to move from my old blog to this one, after four entire years elsewhere. I’m stillnot sure about the new name, the new look. I’m hoping I won’t lose the readers I’ve connected to over he past several years.

I need to get used to this new home. I’ve moved in my furniture–that is, I have imported over most of my posts from my previous Quemada site. But I still have to figure out where everything fits. And I have to learn how this theme works, what it offers me.

I feel oddly self conscious and slightly off-balance, but also a little excited. Just like after a real move.


    • Thank you! I’m excited to start up again and not have to hide behind a privacy wall. I mean, there was a good reason for that wall to be there, and I’m glad that option exists, for me and for others, but for my own purposes, I prefer to be able to interact with more people.

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