One of the Reasons I Love My Therapist

Before going in to see E today, I sent her yesterday’s post. That’s the one in which I grumbled that her recent absence had disrupted our momentum in therapy. We’d been talking about sexuality issues (yikes), and I felt too far away from those conversations to just pick up where we left off. But I thought it might help if I at least let her know how I felt about the interruption, so I copied the post into a PDF and emailed it to her.

Not much later, I received this email in response:

Hi Q,

Nicely written. You know what; I have a map back to the bat cave! But we don’t need to rush in. Let’s check to make sure we have what we need before we reenter: batteries for our head lamps, gortex hoods to protect our heads from dripping bat shit, insoles in our boots so our feet don’t tire, water and power bars in our packs so we stay nourished. I remember what we were doing there, why it was important, and I can remind you. 

Looking forward to spelunking with you soon,


I love that she takes the playful tone and the metaphor and uses it to offer me reassurance, but without pressure. Maybe we can get back to that cave after all.

Son Doong Cave Ryan-Deboodt-2-1024x682Photo by Ryan DeBoodt


    • Yes, I feel that she does get me, most of the time. And I’m slowly getting better at telling her when she doesn’t get me… which in turn helps her understand better in the future. I am deeply appreciate of the relationship we have right now.

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