Just add salsa

It had been a grey, rainy day, and my mood hadn’t been the cheeriest lately anyway. I was a bit agitated from my most recent therapy session, and my concentration was, well, less than ideal. I needed a recipe to release the tension and focus.


  1. Throw yourself unreservedly into your work, filling the bowl as full as possible with intellectual challenges.
  2. When self-loathing intrudes, try to keep it out of the bowl.
  3. When this is ineffective, take a hot iron and burn your skin.

DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME. It wasn’t effective anyway. I was lucky and got a chance to try a second recipe.


  1. Happen to walk by someone at work who has a cold AND has tickets to a Spanish Harlem Orchestra concert.
  2. Accept with surprise and pleasure when he gives you said tickets.
  3. Go to the concert even though you are feeling tired and depressed.
  4. Let the joy of Latin jazz and big band salsa lift your heart. Be astonished at the skill of the musicians (those flute solos!). Come home and stream Como Baila Mi Mulata and dance in your kitchen.

Life offers surprising beautiful moments even in the midst of depression. Just add salsa.

salsa dancing


  1. Ouch, I hope your burn is healing OK. I’m sorry you’ve been in so much pain lately, it really does sound incredibly brutal.
    And, I love this post. And I love your attitude and response and “just add salsa.” You have a great way of coping and bouncing back, resiliency.


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