A Letter to the Little One

Dear Little One,

It makes me happy to see you feeling better!

Anxiety went into her room for a rest, and I haven’t seen her for 10 days now. Depression went swimming for a while–I hope in a place with clear water and beautiful fish, so she’ll like it and stay away.

And that leaves able to breathe more deeply. I am so pleased to sometimes catch you smiling. I have seen that you like to move our body, to play, to run. You love yoga. You love getting enough sleep and not working all the time. You have ideas for projects. You often come out of your room, and when you do, you want to get to know Intuition, Hope and Authenticity. You eye Playfulness from across the room, and the other day I saw you sit near her and listen to what she was saying. I know she’ll be excited to spend time with you, when you are ready.


Your older, wiser self, Q.





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