What Makes Me Feel Better

I will eventually create a refined and organized list. Right now this is just a stream of consciousness list, no thinking about which things work in which situations and how much energy I have to have to use the strategy.

Being out in nature

Watching my dogs race around open fields like maniacs

Being around water, better yet, being in the water

Curling up in bed with a good Scandinavian mystery

Visiting the art museum


Going to the symphony

Putting some of my favorite music on and dancing around the house

Talking to my best friend who lives so far away

Writing about my feelings

Remembering painful things from the past but changing the ending in a way that makes me feel more powerful

Riding my bike

Cleaning and organizing some part of my house

Working in the garden

Checking out an art book from the library and looking deeply at the photographs



    • Water, yes, it’s so healing! Even wading in a river or letting the ocean splash on my feet (I live on the west coast where the Pacific is cold, so I don’t swim in it unless I’m south of Santa Barbara.

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  1. Weird, I actually thought I was posting this as a page that I would work on over time… oops… Yes, swimming and boating are really, really good, and snorkeling! And interacting with animals. I got to go dog sledding a few times in Alaska, and that was incredible, especially when I got to mush. Also learning to speak another language or even communicate a bit. Learn about other cultures. Cook something my family loves. Work on a project that is so interesting that I lose track of time while I’m working on it.

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  2. This is so heart-warming to me, and I’m not even sure why. I smiled when reading this list. Maybe because it felt very self-loving and acknowledging, something I am trying to do more of. Acknowledging who I am and what my experiences are; and you did such a beautiful job here of identifying what brings you to your peaceful place. Thank you for sharing.

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