Yin Yoga and Mutilated Dolls

(More Day 2 of Be Brave)

I wanted to share that I went to a yin yoga class this afternoon. I didn’t know anyone, but guess what, that didn’t matter (why did this make me anxious?!?). It was calming. It was also helpful to focus on opening the pelvis. Then I came home, did a little yard work, and mutilated more doll babies. The calm, expansive yoga spirit and the aggressive, raging anger; that was my day.

2015 10-13 Anger Project (1a)


  1. Aaaaaaaah I want those dolls, they are so powerful and they feel so full of despair and rage and disgust. In my head I am imagining what I will do with them, how I will arrange them to look like a flower from a distance (“everything is okay”) but when you get closer you see that the truth is harsh. Strong work. I hope it is serving you well.


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