Buses Damaged in Wind Storm Stuck at the Coast

West Coast, USA. Coastal Bus Service (CBS) reported today that as a result of last weekend's wind storm and the damage cause to its fleet of buses, bus service will be discontinued through at least 
Thursday morning on this week. While CBS originally expected to offer at least limited bus service beginning Tuesday, Neville Walker, vice president for CBS' western regional services, reported that a nationwide shortage of windshield, fenders and headlights would prevent any buses from resuming 
their normal routes before September 3.


I received a phone call from Doubt today, intensely irritated that she couldn’t get back into town from the coast due to the lack of transportation. I suggested she ride on the back of her winged monkey, but she didn’t think that was funny at all and hung up on me. I don’t mind. I have a few days reprieve and time to talk to E. before she arrives.



  1. I love your metaphor! And I am glad Doubt wasn’t able to come back for a few extra days; she will be just fine. Maybe those buses aren’t worth repairing? 🙂 Total them out and leave her stranded on the coast. She can watch the waves; the meditation will do her some good.


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