Day 65 – Weird Things Happen

So I’m in the hospital. I feel okay now but still have to stay overnight.

I went to work this morning exhausted, feeling kind of depressed but relieved it was Friday night. I was looking forward to the glass of wine and some Netflix time with my husband in the evening.

Instead, while at work about lunchtime, I started having intense chest pain. It was unlike anything I have ever felt before. It spread up to my jaw and into my back, pressing on me. I was lightheaded. Checked online, hm, these are some of the common symptoms that women have with heart attacks. But I couldn’t be having a heart attack, could I? I have no history of heart problems. I have never smoked. I don’t have high blood pressure. True, I am very stressed out, and true, I don’t get much exercise these days because I work all the time. I could definitely stand to lose twenty thirty pounds. I talked to my colleague, what should I do? She told me to go see a doctor. I hesitated, “It’s probably nothing. I’m being paranoid. What a hassle to go to a doctor. I have a lot of work this afternoon.” But then she asked me what I would tell her if our roles are reversed, and of course, I’d tell her to go to the ER and check it out.

Why is it so hard to take care of myself in the ways I would strongly urge others to do for themselves? Despite the discomfort about making a big deal of it, I agreed to go.

But no way was I going to call 911. That was just too much drama. I called my husband. He came to pick me up and take me to the ER. By that time, the chest pain had lifted though I still had pain in my back and jaw. EKG looked good. Initial screening for whatever those enzymes are that tell if you had a heart attack looked good. But apparently they don’t always show up right away. Hence I am typing this in a hospital room waiting for further blood tests late tonight and a stress test in the morning. I bet you it was something else, something minor.

In the meantime, no wine and Netflix for me tonight. I’m seriously disappointed.


  1. Glad you went to the ER. You never know. I kind of like sleeping in hospital beds. There is something reassuring about being in a place where someone else will take care of the problems for a little while. Sleep tight, and I hope all will turn out perfectly fine!


  2. Was just catching up on your posts after being away and I agree, better safe than sorry. I’m glad you are getting checked out and my fingers and toes are crossed that all is well.


  3. Oh my gosh, you know I so understand this feeling. I went for over a week feeling as such. I occasionally called the doctor who told me to go to the ER but I never did. Stress and trauma are godawfully hard on our bodies.
    I’m relieved that you went to the ER and that you are taking care of yourself. Your little girl must feel believed and cared about this morning. I’m praying that you feel better and that there is nothing physically wrong. Very soon you will have many nights to watch Netflix and relax.

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  4. Well, that’s scary, yet safer in a hospital getting it checked out. I almost wrote on your last post that maybe since you’ve gotten the wheels in motion about time off, maybe you could press for date sooner than the agreed upon time.
    Sleep well. Good self care on your part!


  5. I’m so glad you did take care of yourself and got checked out. Taking care of grown up you is taking care of the girl, too.

    I hope it was something minor, and that you are feeling better today. Xx


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