Day 51 – Want To Take A Break

On Monday, I’ll be talking to my supervisor about taking an extended leave of absence from my job. I need to do it. I’ve been so exhausted all this year–really all the way back to last summer–that I have done almost nothing but work and sleep for months. I need to really take care of myself, to rest, to heal, to get a grip on things I have let slide because I am so worn down. I need to deal with a couple of chronic health issues I haven’t addressed.

But I know it will inconvenience a lot of colleagues I care about, and I feel really guilty. I have to spend some time this weekend thinking about how to frame it to her. I don’t want to give up my job, just get a good long break from the high stress and utterly unrealistic expectations.


    • Seriously. From January to June, I was averaging 55 hours/week. And my best support, a woman I had worked with for ten years, quit last summer, leaving me with a large number of talented but inexperienced staff. I would be fried even if I ween’t also going through all the emotional turmoil.

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  1. Good for you. Money is always an issue, but if you can manage on one income then putting you and your health first is always a good thing. Throw away guilt about fellow staff, these things happen all the time; maternity leave, sick leave, etc. It’s part of business. Good luck !


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