Day 28 – On Deadlines–and Extensions

Yesterday I complained about my deadlines at work this week. I made two of them today, but just barely. I sent off a draft of a research report in the early evening, but then I still had to pull together my conference proposal and get it uploaded by 11:59 Pacific time. It was tight, but I wrote it and got it fully uploaded at 11:57. Phew! Literally two minutes to spare.

Basically I wrote from 7:30 am to midnight, with time out only for my weekly therapy session. I don’t have time to describe it now (because I still have one more thing to do for work before I go to bed) but I did want to share just one decision. I want to share it because I know you all will help hold me accountable for it. I decided to extend my Believe the Girl campaign another month, through August 31. I think it’s doing me good, and I don’t think I’m finished learning from it. So Doubt gets a longer stretch at the beach (hope she has fun, while I sit here and work all the time!).

Later, after August, I do think I will carefully, delicately make a place for Doubt to come to therapy with me. I know I can’t ignore her forever. But she’s reigned for such a long time that I think it’s only fair to give the girl another month without her.

Looking forward to more time to write and more time to catch up on all your blogs,



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