Day 27 – On Deadlines–and Patience

This is a week of big deadlines for me at work–a proposal in to a client today, a report due tomorrow, also a conference proposal due tomorrow, a presentation on Thursday, and another business proposal for a different client early next week. Meanwhile I still have budget and planning meetings at work that suck up much of the day and leave me to write at night.

In other words: I have a lot to do.

My little girl self is not going to get a lot of attention today. I’m not sure about tomorrow either. But since I’m paying more attention to her in general, I think she’s coming to trust that I’m no longer going to chase her back into the closet and bolt the door. Instead I’m just telling her, “Sweetheart, I know you still have a lot of needs. There’s a lot we have to talk about. I can’t do it tonight. But I’ll be back, I promise.”

“Okay,” she says with a shrug,”I don’t need to talk all the time anyway. I’m going to reread Misty of Chincoteague. See you later.”



  1. Good luck with your busy week! You have been so attentive to the girl, she defintely knows it is just a busy few days. Even the most diligent of adult selves can’t always be available.

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  2. Put that way, adult life seems such an unfeasible strain on our inner natures, but at least you have such an understanding relationship with yours. Makes me think I should be more mindful of mine…


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