Day 4 of Believing the Little Girl – Why It’s Hard for Her to Speak

Before she started kindergarten, someone hurt her sexually. Naturally, she didn’t know what it was called or what it meant. She only knew it hurt. She cried. She was told, “Shh! Be quiet! Don’t cry. Be quiet.” Of course her voice isn’t very strong after that. But I’m going to listen to her anyway.

1967 Quiet


  1. Come and take my hand and we can walk away together. I’m reminded that even though we are children we can now parent ourselves. We can speak or scream or cry or tell or play or write or spend time together. Today maybe you and I can build a blanket fort or read our favorite books or play in the grass. Because we are safe now. We can also believe the girl by acknowledging that she wasn’t safe back then. The details of what happened don’t matter as much as simply listening and believing that she wasn’t safe then but she is now and that we will listen with love.


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